Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Your Roof Need Perfect Exposure? 

While a South facing roof is considered best, East & West facing roofs work very well too. Perfect sun exposure is not needed, but you'll want to make sure the roof isn't blocked by too many trees branches or buildings. On occasion these can be trimmed to improve exposure. 


Does Your Roof Need To Be Brand New? 

Solar panels can last 25 years or longer, while your roof doesn't need to brand new, it's important that it's in very good shape prior to installation. The added bonus working with WCSG is we started off as a roofing company years ago. So any issues found can be met with cost effective solutions by our roofing team. 


What Types of Roofs Can Support Solar Panels ? 

The majority of all household and business roofs qualify for solar panels. However, wood shake roofs are not recommend for installation. If your roof isn't ideal, don't worry because we can also mount panels on a ground mount racking system. 


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